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Mylinqs develops apps for Smart phones and Tablets. Our services include strategy, design, programming, testing, and deployment for IOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and HTML5 mobile platforms.

We assist Enterprise large or small and leading brands to create, manage and implement a compelling post pc mobile App strategy. Apps that acquire customers, provide service, and make sales. Whether its expert advice, complete bespoke development or utilizing one of our unique technology offerings to compliment an existing marketing solution.

Our mission is to help companies grow, succeed and prosper by harnessing the power of mobile applications and app technology. We are a group of talented people who are passionate about converging technology and marketing to create the best selling and highest rated apps. Our success is built upon your success, and we are committed to furthering the app industry and developing marketing technology that will be invaluable to your business.

We have a vast list of features that can be integrated into the app that we create for your business. With unique robust analytics we give you actionable app insights, Understand how many users download your app, Understand the times when people use your app, Understand which platform is most popular for your app. For further information please go to our contact page.

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Are you looking for a fresh new Mobile App developer, then we have a range of unique App solutions for your business. As an official Appmedia Business Partner, we can now offer you a full range of solutions for your Mobile App and Marketing requirements.

  • In 2013, Mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide
  • Consumers are going mobile and expect you to be mobile ready
  • By 2014, over 3 billion of the world’s adult population will be able to transact electronically via mobile technology
  • Websites (including most mobile websites in 2012) failed to serve the needs of consumers on mobile devices
  • Very soon, Apps will be as common for your business as websites or Facebook pages.
  • Consumers who downloaded a business’ app are 45% more likely to visit the business again, and 40% more likely to buy the businesses products & services

Here are some key benefits to engaging Mylinqs & Appmedia:

  • Build brand loyalty
  • Communicate with customers in real-time, anytime, anywhere
  • Aggregate all your customer touch points into a single mobile experience
  • Leverage social networks, create viral buzz, grow your subscriber base
  • Promote and manage special events
  • Send timely and geographic notifications and engage users by geographic location
  • Get instant feedback
  • Facilitate sales 24/7

In general, Apps offer better, more seamless, mobile marketing opportunities, improve workflow, and drive your bottom line.










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